D3 Sunburst visualization (d3 v4)

This type of chart is used to visualize hierarchical data structures. It typically consists of an inner circle surrounded by rings of deeper hierarchy levels.

A good use case is to summarize navigation paths through a web site, as in the sample synthetic data file (visit_sequences.csv). The visualization makes it easy to understand visits that start directly on a product page (e.g. after landing there from a search engine), compared to visits where users arrive on the site's home page and navigate from there. Where a funnel lets you understand a single pre-selected path, this allows you to see all possible paths

A good use example would be for a year of data for the newsletter email blasts to depict the user flow from their email through to our online content


  • works with data that is in a CSV format (you don't need to pre-generate a hierarchical JSON file, unless your data file is very large)
  • interactive breadcrumb trail helps to emphasize the sequence, so that it is easy for a first-time user to understand what they are seeing
  • percentages are shown explicitly, to help overcome the distortion of the data that occurs when using a radial presentation