Bootstrap buttons

Decide if a button is the right control to use. Do not use a button:

  • To initiate an immediate action.
  • To navigate to another page, window, or Help topic. (Exception: Wizard navigation uses Back and Next command buttons.)
  • If the command is embedded in a body of text.
  • If the command is secondary in nature. That is, it does not relate to the primary purpose of the window. In this case, either a lightweight command button or link would be appropriate.
  • If the command is part of a menu or group of related links.
  • If the label is lengthy, consisting of five or more words, thus giving a command button an awkward appearance.

Find an Event Submit button

Webform submit


Use increments of 8 to size and space out elements on a page. This means that any defined height or width, margin or padding will be an increment of 8. See grids and spacing for more about spacing elements.

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