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9:00 A.M.

Opening Remarks

Trevor Dauphinee, Assistant Deputy Minister, Industry and Sector Strategy Division, Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, Government of Ontario

9:05 A.M.

Keynote Speech

The Quantum Impact on Cybersecurity

Dr. Michele Mosca, Co-Founder and CEO, evolutionQ

Quantum computing represents a complete shift in approach from that of traditional computing. The technology will enable industries to solve mainstream business problems at speeds once thought impossible. Simultaneously, quantum computing introduces its own set of challenges by introducing new ones we haven't seen before. Dr. Mosca has made significant contributions to the theory and practice of quantum information processing and quantum cryptography. He and his collaborators have developed fundamental methods for performing reliable computations with untrusted quantum apparatus while using optimal encrypting quantum information methods. Dr. Mosca will deliver a lively keynote on the topic of "The Quantum Impact on Cybersecurity," using real-world examples of how he and his team are working to solve potential risks related to quantum processing.

9:20 A.M.

Industry Leaders Panel

The Evolution of Cybersecurity in the Age of Quantum

Moderator: Brian O'Higgins, Chairman, Quantum-Safe Canada

The quantum threat to cybersecurity can be mitigated by deploying new cryptographic tools that are believed or known to be resistant to quantum attacks. Nonetheless, the transition to quantum-safe cryptography is a challenge itself, as it requires the development and deployment of hardware and software solutions, the establishment of standards, the migration of legacy systems, and more. Our panel members will examine and explore how to turn these challenges into quantum opportunities.

  • Mike Brown, Founder, CTO and Co-Founder, ISARA Corporation
  • Bruno Couillard, President and CEO, Crypto4A Technologies, Inc.
  • Mary Horrigan, Senior Security Architect, 2Keys Corporation
  • Dr. Vladimir Soukharev, Principal Cryptographic Technologist & Chief Post-Quantum Researcher, Infosec Global Canada

10:20 A.M.


Innovative Approaches to Cybersecurity in the Quantum Age

Deborah Clark-Forster, Senior Advisor, Industry and Sector Strategy Division, Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

10:30 A.M.

Closing Remarks

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