The value of the Web Team services is the ease at which users can create compelling content. Honour that.

  • Keep it powerful yet simple
  • Reduce, rather than add
  • Use sensible defaults
  • Use progressive disclosure
  • Design with hierarchies
  • Do one thing really well
  • Automate

Be authentic

Our site is a reflection of the people who made it

  • Be true to the character of our brand
  • Be positive and delightful
  • Be truthful and honest

Keep it powerful yet simple

We want to be global in our outlook, so we can’t make assumptions about the capabilities, understanding, or physical or intellectual abilities of our users.

  • Use Analytics and real users to test
  • Be usable by people of various abilities and ages, and be AODA compliant
  • Be culturally aware
  • Be multilingual
  • Support various technical capabilities (mobile, screen sizes, connectivity, browsers)

Content first

We built our products on compelling content. Let it shine through.

  • Let the content tell the story (enhance)
  • Get out of the way