Ontario is a large industrialized economy with a rapidly-growing technology base that is converging with our diverse range of key traditional industries.

This puts Ontario at the forefront of innovation whether it’s developing the next generation of autonomous vehicles or creating advanced robotics and automation to streamline manufacturing processes for aerospace, food processing, chemicals and cleantech.


With a century-long history of excellence in aerospace, and a reputation for delivering innovative solutions in all aspects of the industry, Ontario provides an ideal environment for your business to soar to great new heights.


With manufacturing revenue of $36.9 billion, Ontario is one of North America's largest and most significant food and beverage processing sectors. We have nearly 3,000 registered food and beverage businesses.


Ontario is where 700+ parts suppliers and 500+ tool, die and mould makers converge along a 400-kilometre automotive corridor, forming one of the most robust supply chains in the world.

Clean Tech

Ontario is home to 3,000 Canadian cleantech and environmental technology companies, employing 65,000 people. The Toronto Stock Exchange and the TSX Venture Exchange list 110 clean technology and renewable energy companies.

Construction and Infrastructure

From New York to New Delhi, engineering and architectural firms from Ontario are collaborating with foreign governments, communities and companies to develop cost effective and project solutions worldwide.

Information and Communications Technology

Ontario is the 2nd largest IT region in North America. Who's here? World leaders in big data and cloud computing, data centres, microelectronics, digital media, security encryption, mobile gaming, mobile payments, and wireless, telecom and networks.

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnologies: If this is what you do and you're not in Ontario, you're missing out. The life sciences sector here is thriving, and your firm could be the next success story.

Mining Supply and Services

The global mining industry gets business done in Ontario. That means that you'll have access to markets and capital, whether you're in mining finance or looking for capital to grow your business.